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During 2019, I will be developing my practise of Yoga, and completing my teacher training diploma.

Once certified, I will be offering both group classes and private 1-2-1 yoga practise to help you strengthen your mind-body connection.

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In the Meantime....

Check Out Fitness Yoga

There are an increasing number of yoga styles being developed and practised throughout the world, from Hatha to Ashtanga, Iyengar to Vinyasa, Kundalini to Anusara, Flow to Bikram.


It's probably a little confusing, overwhelming or intimidating for someone who has never stepped foot in a Yoga studio or is just looking for a group experience to help them with posture, mindfulness or just some healthy benefits. 


Here at LM Fitness, as I study to become a Hatha Yoga Instructor, I will be teaching Fitness Yoga.

This is a blend of both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, and has been developed with the 21st Century in mind.


The Asanas (postures) have been made simpler, whilst maintaining their effectiveness, with good progression that will still offer a challenging workout when your body feels ready.

The postures, with all of their progressions and regressions, will still offer fantastic benefits to the mind and body of the participant, whatever their fitness level and flexibility. With a strong emphasis on helping each person to become focussed and strong, but also relaxed.

The mind body connection is still an essential part of the class. 


My Fitness Yoga classes will also include mild meditation practises to finish, which is a wonderful end to any group experience. And can help to relieve any built up tension, stress or burden that is weighing you down. 


To join a class, please check the calendar below to discover when classes will be starting and their location. 


You can also book your class/es in advance using this booking calendar. 

I can't wait to see you all at class! 

When: Tuesday 7.45pm & Thursday 11am (start dates TBC)

Where: TBC 

Cost: £7.00 


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