Dates for Your Diary

Future Public Workshop & Webinar Dates

During the second half of 2018, I will be presenting a series of both on and off line workshops & webinars.


Check out the online schedule and set a reminder for any topic that draws your interest. And don't worry, ALL webinars will be available on the YouTube channel to watch later.


Live In-Person Dates are NOW CONFIRMED, find all of the topics and venue details below.

How To Eat To Feel Good

July 24th - 16:00

How To Change Your Eating Habits

August 15th - 13:00

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!

September 19th - 13:30

You Shouldn't Wait for New Years Day!

October 12th - 10:30

How to Boost Your Self Esteem & Confidence

November 19th - 15:00

Getting Ready for


December 12th - 13:00

Why You Shouldn't Join a Gym in January!

January 4th - 10:00

Fall In Love With yourself this Valentines!

February 5th - 15:00

In-Person Workshop Topics

Our Messy Relationship With Food - Why We Do It?

This workship is an interactive half day programme to help you get to grips with Nutrition! 

We will discuss why you have the habits that you have, trigger foods that throw you into emotion and comfort eating, frenzy, binge eating and many more food behaviours.

We will also take a look at social influence, sabotage and diets.

And finally, methods to help make positive changes to your eating habits, improve your relationship with food and what "good" nutrition actually means. 


This is a very informative workshop, and early booking is recommended, as places are limited. 


Venue Hardingstone Village Hall,

          High Street,



          NN4 6DA.

Date   Saturday 1st September 

Time  10:00-13:00 

Cost   £7.50 p/p


Self Love & Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

This 2 hour workshop will help you to build your own self loving Mindful meditation practise.

We have all disconnected from our bodies and desperately need to find our way home, find love and happiness in our lives and bodies.

Approx Timetable for this workshop :

3pm - Short Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation
3.30pm - Setting Your Intention for your practice 
3.45pm - Connect with your Higher Loving Self Meditation 
4.30pm - Introducing Chakras, universal energy, healing.
4.45pm - Q & A
5pm - finish


Venue Hardingstone Village Hall,

          High Street,



          NN4 6DA.

Date   Saturday 6th October 

Time  15:00-17:00 

Cost   £20.00 p/p


Learn to Love Yourself!

This Two hour Workshop will help you to understand more about why you feel the way you feel about yourslef and your body. 

We'll talk about your Postive and Negative Attitudes. The "sod it" attitudes and the damaging self talk that goes on inside of your own head...


This self talk can have a huge impact on your actions, so we'll discuss ways in which you can start to make the right changes and the necessary changes to build a more postive opinion and attitude. 


Learnng to Love Yourself again! It's liberating, empowering and good fun! 


Venue Hardingstone Village Hall,

          High Street,



          NN4 6DA.

Date   Saturday 24th November 

Time  15:00-17:00 

Cost   £6.00 p/p

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