Weight Loss

Weigh In Each week, record your weight & see how you are progressing towards your Target weight


Learn all about Food, Nutrition, Vitamins and how to feed your body with awesome goodness to help you achieve maximum health, vitality & composition.


Everyone loves to hate exercise, but you can get weekly tips & tricks on what you can be doing to boost your results WITHOUT a gym membership. 


We'll discuss lifestyle tips & changes that you can make each week during our live group meetings. From sleep patterns to stress management.

Targets & Goals

You will learn how to set out your target and goals in a fashion that is guarenteed to inspire you to make the changes necessary to achieve them.


We will work on transforming not only your body, but your mindset as well. You will never want to slip backwards again! 

What's it all About? 

Never miss a meeting again!

Skinny Latte Weight Loss Group is more about accessibility & flexibility, rather than punctuality! 


Every weight loss group runs at a set time, at a set venue, with a set agenda and a set, and very old and out of date message. 




Our meetings are every Wednesday at 5.45pm, but our meetings are LIVE and ONLINE.

So even if you cannot make the 5.45pm live meeting, the discussion, the questions, the results and the overall awesomeness of the meeting is captured on video and shared via our Private Facebook Group.


This means, that regardless of the traffic on your way home from work, your kids being late out of after school club, your car not starting, your boss making you stay late and all of the other reasons that you may have completely missed out on your other weight loss groups... NO LONGER MATTER


When you eventually get home, you can sit down & watch, or listen to the meeting online, whilst you are cooking dinner, feeding the kids, tidying the dogs mess or just sitting relaxing. 



What is even more amazing about Skinny Latte is the Price! 


The group is based on a membership, and that monthly membership gains you access to the Private Group where all of the amazing meetings, chats and content will be shared. 


During the meetings we will discuss things like: 

  • Weigh In Results, Skinnies of the Week & Rewards
  • There will be lots of advice based on Nutrition, the body, health, lifestyle, exercise and so much more
  • I will share Healthy Recipes that you can all go away and try... yeah, you dont need to purchase the books! 
  • Tips, Cheats & Tricks to help you achieve even greater results
  • I will share the Mindset tips & coaching that I work through with all of my PT clients
  • Motivation & Inspiration 

In truth, there is so much awesomeness just oozing out of this Programme, that only a fool would skip on past and not think about joining. 


So.... What is the price? 



Monthly Membership is Just £3.99

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