Your Personalised Pilates Practise

Personalised Private Pilates coaching at home is perfect for you if you would like a practise that is completely tailored to your body and time schedule. 


Pilates is low impact and offers a precise and controlled approach to movement, meaning it is safe for your body and joints. 


Pilates is frequently recommended for the management of back and joint pain by many health professionals, and a more tailored practise will reap greater rewards.


Your Personalised Home Practise will focus on correct alignment, breathing technique, control of mind and body, all whilst targetting weaker areas of the body for a more effective improvement in posture, balance, flexibility, stability and more.


I can offer you Pilates at your home that is specific, tailored, effective and enjoyable. 



  • Those suffering from chronic lower back pain or other joint issues/injuries
  • During pregnancy and early post-natal stages
  • Anyone recovering from an injury or medical condition
  • Those who wish to introduce exercise gently from the comfort of their own home
  • Those lacking in confidence, or suffering anxiety 
  • Anyone wanting to work towards specific fitness goals or target specific problem areas of the body
  • Those keen to be challenged and motivated at their own pace

Individual 1-2-1


  • TASTER SESSION                  £45.00
  • SINGLE SESSION                   £55.00
  • PACK OF 5 SESSIONS            £250.00
  • PACK OF 10 SESSIONS          £450.00




Small Group (2-4 people)


  • TASTER SESSION                  £55.00
  • SINGLE SESSION                   £65.00
  • PACK OF 5 SESSIONS            £290.00
  • PACK OF 10 SESSIONS          £550.00


Cost is shared by particpants.

You can purchase your Single or Taster sessions below, using the booking calendar to select your preferred date/time of session. If you wish to purchase a pack of five or ten sessions, this will be discussed with you during the initial appointment. 


If you cannot see a suitable time for your appointment, please contact me to discuss 

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