Pilates Workshops

If you have been to a Pilates class before, then you will know that there is quite a lot ot think about. 

From breathing in and out at the right point of a movement, to controlling your core and spinal position, and so much more. 


On the outside, it may look easy, but it really is anything but! 


That is why I offer quarterly workshops which will focus on various different aspects of the practise of Pilates. 


From breathing to posture, technique to core control. 


The Workshops are small and I will work with you in a Hands on approach to ensure that you get the most from your Pilates, whether you attend my classes or not. 


To find out more about each of the Workshops, please see the details below, and if you would like to join me, then you can do this online. 

Control Your Breath

MARCH 2nd 2019 10am-1pm

Breath and breathing is fundamentally the MOST important aspect of PIlates, and life. 

For each Pilates movement, there is a breath in or out that accompanies that movement. There is also a specific technique for breathing that should be used when performing the exercises.

Lateral Thoracic breathing is different to the shallow breathing that we have adopted in day to day life.

Engaging the correct muscles and technique for breathing will not only help to increase your lung capacity and health, but also feed your muscles with clean oxygen. 

This workshop will help you to understand the technique of breathing, as well as feel confident in your technique and use of breath. 

If you find yourself holding your breathe during practise, this is definitely a good place to start.

Pilates Workshops

Core Control

MAY 18th 2019 10am-1pm

Sucking in your tummy and restricting your breathing is not what we mean when we "engage your core". But getting that tension right is quite challenging and easily forgotten between remembering to breathe and thinking about how to move.


So this workshop is aimed at guiding you through feeling the correct engagement of the core, and how this SHOULD feel whilst practising pilates. 


If you find yourslef confused or unsure about how to hold those important and supporting core muscles, then this workshop is a must. 

Pilates Workshops

Build Your Balance

AUGUST 24th 2019 10am -1pm

Many Pilates moves require a good level of balance, whether these are performed in a standing, seated or laying position. 


Moves such as Side Bend, Side Plank, Swimming and more. 


Improving your balance in your movements can improve your stability in every day life. Reducing the risk of falls, injuries and a study has even found that good balance can ward off the risk of stroke. 


Good Balance is essential for a well rounded core and back strength that will serve you into your day to day lifestyle in numerous ways. In addition, a balanced body, can help to balance the mind!

Pilates Workshops

Focus Your Practise

OCTOBER 19th 2019 10am -1pm

One of the original eight principles of Pilates, as created by Joseph Pilates, is "concentration".


This concentration can be hard to maintain with the hundred and one thoughts in our own minds, as well as distractions during your practise. 


This workshop will help you to focus your mind on exactly what you need to focus it on whilst practising, and enable you to learn how to "think" into the muscles that your are working.


Refining your practise will hugely benefit your resulsts from your practise.

Pilates Workshops
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