What Is Pilates?

Pilates, originally known as "Contrology", is a low impact form of exercise and movement that concentrates on strengthening and lengthening the muscles, primarily centred around the core muscles. 


Similar to Yoga, Pilates aids in the improvement of posture, stability, strength and flexibility, as well as the mind-body connection. 


With a reduced risk of injury, pilates is a fantastic form of activity for people of all ages and abilities, and is often used for recovery or rehabilitation following injury. 


Creator, Joseph Pilates created the method of movement to help rehabilitate injured dancers and soldiers during World War One, and later migrated to New York in the 1920's, where he opened his own studio for dancers.


Many physiotherapists and GP's now recommend Pilates as a way of managing chronic back pain and other injuries.


So, is Pilates for you?

Who Is Pilates For?

Pilates offers many progressions and regressions, and for this reason, it can be adapted and modified to suit people of any level, from complete beginners to those who are looking for a more challenging workout.


Pilates is all about control of the body and muscles, hence the original name "Contrology", so it is always best to start with the fundamental basics, and once these have been mastered, progress in level and intensity.


However, some people just enjoy the movement and connection with the body, and simply maintain an improved level of mobility and flexibility. Which, of course, will help in enhancing your stability, whilst reducing your risk of injury.


Since 2011, I have been delivering Pilates both in a group class environment and 1-2-1, for a more personalised experience. And which ever way you approach your Pilates practise, you will feel the positive effects, mentally, physically and, in some cases, even spiritually.


You may also like to attend one of my Pilates Workshops, where we specifically focus on certain aspects of the Pilates Practise to help improve your technique.


1-2-1 Pilates 

If you wish to take your Pilates practise forward with 1-2-1 coaching, then your individual sessions will be tailored specifically to meet your requirements and needs.


During your 60-minute coaching session, you will work through a series of movements and breathing exercises to align your body, breath and movement. 


Starting with the basics, and progressing at a pace that suits you and your body. 

Whatever your reasons for practising Pilates, bespoke coaching is a fantastic way to reap the amazing benefits and improve your well-being.


If you would like to schedule a 1-2-1 session, please click the button below. 

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are very popular, and much like 1-2-1 coaching, will offer a wide range of benefits to all varieties of participants. 


During my weekly classes, I offer a range of beginner level basic movements and breath exercises to help you progress at a pace that suits. 


I will provide you with all of the necessary equipment needed for each class, including your mat, therabands, small balls, blocks and/or magic circles. 


I vary classes between strengthening, stretching, stability and flexibility, allowing all participants to benefit in a multitude of ways. 


On March 20th 2019, I will be launching a new Pilates class in Northampton. Follow me on Facebook for up to date information. 



  • Wednesday 6-6.55pm


  • KB Therapy Clinic, Stenson Street, NN5 5ED


  • £7.00 per class PAYG
  • 5 Classes £30.00
  • 10 Classes £60.00


The Therapy Clinic has plenty of free parking available

Pilates will offer you a relaxing workout that will challenge you at just the right level for you, with suitable adaptations and levels to suit. 


Whether you are a complete beginner stepping into Pilates for the first time, or have attended classes previously, my classes will always welcome you. 


Classes are very popular and can reach capacity quickly, so it is highly recommended that you reserve a place prior to attending.


Please see below for Venues, Days and Times of Classes. 



  • Monday 6-6.50pm 
  • Monday 7-7.50pm 
  • Thursday 9.30-10.30am


  • Hardingstone Village Hall (Friends Room)


  • £6.00 per class PAYG
  • 5 Classes £27.50
  • 10 Classes £54.00


Book Your Classes Online Today

Please note that when booking your class/es online, payment will be required in order to secure your place. 

If you have not attending a Pilates class with LM Fitness before, or have been absent for longer than 12 months, please ensure that you have completed the relevant health questionnaire prior to arriving at class. 

You can do this online by clicking the button below. 

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