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Personal Training

Changing your body should be an exciting & enjoyable adventure,

but so many people feel it is a chore, hard work and takes too much

time & effort. 


The problem that I have often found with many people that I speak with,

is that they aren't really sure where to begin, what may be afftecting

their results and what simple things they could do to change all of this.

And many women claim to be "Super Motivated" but struggle to maintain

their healthy eating or consistent exercise or activity.


Changing your body is only a challenge, when you do not have the

right support, tools and mindset in place. 


In many cases, the fear of failing is stronger than the

desire to change! But it doesn't need to be!


What if you could remove that fear?

What if you could guarentee the results?


What would you want to achieve? 



It is important to know that there are more reasons than just "food & exercise" that could affect your results.


And understanding that what could be preventing you from seeing a reduction in weight or size, could be much deeper than simply your diet.

Many people fail to ever reach their goals, even when working with a trainer or specialist dietician. 

It's not the fault of the trainer or dietician, or even a lack of will power or motivation from the client that is causing this failure. But rather a combination of things!

Hormonal imbalances, previous "diet" attempts and the impacts that they may have had on the body & metabolism, and a lack of truly knowing what they want to achieve, and why are all possible factors. 


This video, explains just one possibility - the impact that Insuin Resistance may be having on your Weight Loss results.

"I want to drop a dress sizes before I go on Holiday!"

No Problem! 

As long as you are giving yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve your goal, it IS possible! 

The only thing that is holding you back, is actually the thoughts and beliefs that you have in your own mind. 


As an initial step, I will work with you on your Mindset, what your goals are and what you have tried to do in the past, in order to establish a "bullet proof" plan of action to move forwards with. 


Personal training to me, is about more than just "exercise",  so CLICK HERE to find out what you would benefit from as one of my clients.

When you are ready, click below to schedule your FREE Consultation. 

What Have Clients Said? 

Following on from some basic Mindset exercises with my clients, I have seen a staggering rise in client coherance. This can and will only ever lead to improved results. Here is what Cathy & Sara had to say following their "You-nique" Experience. 

It all comes down to a "feeling"!

  • How you Feel!
  • How your clothes Feel!
  • How your body Feels!

How would you like to feel:

  • Happier in your skin?
  • Proud of your body?
  • Confident in your clothes?


Every woman deserves to feel good about themselves! To feel proud and "sexy" in their own skin... and not just for a brief moment, but for a lifetime! 

Whether you want to improve your body shape, mindset, self esteem, relationships, health, confidence and so much more, my Mindset approach WILL assist & aid you in doing so! 


Personal Training is about more than just "Eat less & Move more!".


Chloe went from a Size 18 to a Size 10!


It is about showing you a way of life that means never having to "diet" again, never feeling "guilty" for eating something and not having to "avoid" lunches with friends in fear of being judged. 


For me, it is about giving you FREEDOM!!! 


CLICK HERE to find out what you would benefit from as one of my clients.

Here is what one client had to say after just TWO WEEKS of working with me! 


Twins, Jo & Toni feel confident in their Bikinis after toning up!

If you could feel this positive & happy about your future, and this excited knowing what you needed to do in order to achieive it, this wouldn't just change your body shape.

This would change your life! 


  • What could you gain in your life with this new found confidence and self esteem?
  • How would those who you love benefit?
  • How would YOU benefit? 


I work with you to make your journey personal to you! Afterall, this is called "Personal Training"!


There is so much more to my training programmes than just "working out", CLICK HERE to find out what my training covers. 


"I have tried everything, and nothing works for me!"

How Is Your Training Different? And How Will It Help Me?

We all get the feeling that "nothing" works for us sometimes, probably because we keep telling ourselves it isn't going to work! We lack self belief!


Most of the people that I have worked with, have spent many years "yo-yo" dieting, swapping from one diet to another, and going in and out of weight loss groups & gym memberships. They have never given their body the opportunity or time to repair or recover from last weeks fad. 


My training goes a lot deeper than just "exercise"! CLICK HERE to read what training with me includes, and how you can benefit. 

What Happens at my Consultation?

During your Consultation, we will have a relaxed chat about your personal goals.


Your appointment should take no longer than 40 minutes, and by the conclusion, we will both understand what is required in order to achieve the results you desire.


Some of the things that we may talk about include:

  • Your goals, why you want to acheive them and why they are important to you. 
  • Your expectations, timeframe, goal planning - making sure that you can realistically achieve what you want
  • What you have done in the past to try and acheive your goals & why these may not have been successful
  • Sabotage from both yourself & external forces 
  • Your nutrition, activity levels, lifestyle choices and other any other topics that may have an affect on your results
  • How we are going to acheive your results and what needs to be done
  • The packages available and their monthly prices
  • All of your questions, concerns and thoughts - please feel free to write things down before we meet

Please do not worry, there is absolutely no obligation to book any training sessions if you do not feel it is right for you at this time.

But right now, what have you got to lose in chatting with me?

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