If you would like to chat about any of your own personal health, fitness or wellness goals, be that weight loss, improving your relationship with food or having a greater self confidence to do what you want to do, then please pick up your telephone and call me today.


I would be more than happy to have a chat with you and see if any of my programmes are a good match for you.


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You are busy and your time is precious, I know that! But that doesn't mean that you have to neglect your body, or carry on feeling as though you have "let things go". 


Your Coaching is completely tailored to your level, your needs, your goals, your time constraints and your commitment. 


I'm Lesley, and for over a decade, I have been helping busy women, both on and off line. Guiding and coaching them through exercise, mindset & nutrition to achieve not just a slimmer, trimmer body... But to a healthier mind & lifestyle and a happier future.


I guess you could say... I'm the lady that helps you do all the things that you keep putting off!"

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

You know, making changes to your body should be a fun adventure! 


It should be empowering, exciting, fulfilling and satisfying!


Instead though, the majority of women feel that it is a chore, it's too much "hard work" and it just doesn't rank highly enough on the "To-Do" list of life. 


There is just too much other important stuff to be getting on with, so gradually you just get bumped down the priority list... until you are right at the very bottom.


Well... It's time to bring yourself back up that list and spend some time on YOU!

Why Work With ME?

I have been coaching busy women (mainly between 34 and 55 years of age) for over a decade, and in that time I have learnt a thing or two about how to get the most out of each client. 


Firstly, I work WITH you on your mindset, creating a strong and purposeful need to achieve the goals that YOU set. Erasing your self doubt and re-Installing your self belief. 


You can achieve so much more when you believe that you are worth it! 


Then, we get to grips with nutrition and your eating behaviours, and I have several tools to help with this that are "world renowned" (but I'll tell you more about that when we talk!).

You can find a list of my Professional Qualifications HERE.


Nutrition accounts for about 75-80% of your results, so it is REALLY important that we take our time and get things working for YOU and YOUR health and wellness.


Finally, we work on your exercise plan, and this is where we work up a sweat and get the endorphins pumping.

Your exercise plan is tailored specifically to you and your needs.... If you hate Burpees... we don't do burpees!

(And let's be honest, who LOVES burpees????)


I want you to enjoy your time with me, as much as possible, and finish each coaching session on a high... Feeling like you are on top of things and moving forwards! 


As YOUR coach, my mission is to help you feel better about your body, to feel a greater level of self love and self respect... AND to help you obtain it all in a sustainable and realistic way, so even after I am no longer around, you never feel lost, confused or overwhelmed! 

Offline Coaching

If you are local to me, then we can get together on a weekly basis to workout and review your progress.


Your coaching sessions will primarily offer you the physical side of the programme, as the majority of the nutrition and mindset coaching can be completed online, or before we begin the "exercise" planning.


This give us more time for crunches, and less need to talk about what you have been having in your lunches.


It's like Personal Training Plus.... You get much more than just "10 of these" and "3 more of those!".


You get a fully loaded coaching experience that takes you through ALL THREE of the necessary elements to be successful in your goals. 






It really doesn't matter how busy you are either, there is ALWAYS time for YOU and YOUR Future, and once you have completed the Mindset Coaching with me, you will immediately start to make small, but meaningful changes to your priorities list!

Request A FREE Consultation

If you are local (Northamptonshire), and would like to request a free of charge consultation, then please select an appointment using the calendar, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Your appointment will be confirmed as soon as possible, usually withing 2-hours of reciept. 


Your consultation is just a chance for the both of us to meet and chat in a relaxed manner...

No Exercise!

No Sweat!

No Obligation! 


I want to know more about you and I am sure you want to know more about me too... So it's a bit like a "Meet and Greet".


By the end of your consultation, you should know enough to make an informed choice if my services are right for you!


Train with Friends!

Have you considered Group Training?

Things are always more fun & enjoyable when done with friends, so why not exercise? 


The new Small Group Training Packages offer the opportunity to plan your personal training with friends, family members, even colleagues. 


All you need is a minimum of two people and a maximum of six, who are all available to train at the same time working towards similar goals. 


If you would like to find out more about Group Training, the get in touch and let's chat.

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Client Wins

Check out just a very small selection of past & current clients who have, and still are achieving fantastic results with me.


Or you can read a handful of testimonials HERE

Online Programmes

I have recently launched the incredible online programme, The Goddess Lifestyle. 


To find out more or to join me and all of the Goddesses, then click the button below. 



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