It's About more than just Weight Loss & Fitness

Over the years, I have always pondered over the idea of offering some kind of Online Coaching or Training Service. 


But never really been too sure about how I can do this or if it would even work. 


Recently I was introduced to a brilliant site, which has enabled me to introduce some incredible online coaching services at very reasonable and affordable prices.


I am so excited about this and hope that this service can truly help many more people than I can help face to face. 


This truly is one part of my business that I am incredibly excited to launch. 

How Does It Work? 

Rather than offering you expensive Skype coaching packages and long-term ineffective packages that you may or may not stick to, I have created a small selection of courses online to break down the core principles of my own training into individual modules. 


Allowing people to pick and choose which course they feel is going to give them the most. 


These online courses have been designed to give you everything that you need to not only achieve weight loss, but to transform your lifestyle, mind and body (depending which module you do). 




Like I said, I am so excited about launching these courses, and by making them accessible and afforable I hope that I can help you, even if from a distance. 


Each course contains written lessons, videos, audio downloads, quizzes and surveys, exercises and a Q&A section to talk about your journey or ask questions. 

The Successful Mindset

Find out how you can retrain your brain to help you in achieving your goals, rather than trying to sabotage your efforts. 


Mindset is the glue that holds all of your work together, without it, you effectively are just running around in circles and chasing your tail. 


To change your reality, you need to change soemthing about yourself. 

Make that one change your mindset, and everything will slot nicely into place. 

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30 Day Goddess Body Blitz Programme

The 30 Day Goddess Body Blitz includes everything that you need to kickstart your weight loss and see results within a month. 

With daily workout videos, a set meal plan and daily health & wellness tips, yu will fly through this programme with ease. 

Workouts include CardioBurn, Body Blitz, Power Pilates and more. 

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