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A New Approach to Nutrition

Food... The Final Frontier.... 


Urgh, you know what, let's just be REAL. 




For years I have worked with women, mainly between 34 and 55 years of age, who want to lose a few pounds, trim off a few inches and feel more energetic and attractive, yet despite all of their wants and desires to change, they have always fallen foul of the side door of the wagon. 


Even when they have lost a few pounds or inches, their eating relaxes and before they can say "Peaches & Cream", they have gained most, if not all of the lost weight back.


It's hard to lose weight! Or at least it was! 

Why Coaching?

Over the years that I have worked as a Personal Trainer, I have invested a lot of my time learning everything I can about nutrition and how to effectively coach women through their struggles.


No more Diets! No more Rules! No more Calorie Counting! No more Disappointment.


I have completed FIVE Nutrition qualifications in total, but the bulk of my education comes from the Industry's leading Nutrition Coaching and Education provider, Precision Nutrition.


Their sensible, sustainable and proven methods have helped over 50,000 people to lose over 1,000,000lbs in body fat. That's some pretty amazing statistics, don't you agree. In fact, check out the video below!  


I am proud to say that I am Precision Nutrition Level One Nutrition Coach... In fact, it's probably my biggest achievement and career highlight. 



Find out what some people who have already experienced the power of ProCoach have to say about the programme and it's benefits. 


ProCoach & Precision Nutrition Coaching changes lives! 


And it is available here at LM FITNESS!



For many of us, our habits are what we actually struggle to change.


Think about it, we are trying to deal with "mental programmes" that we have been using for years, decades, maybe even our entire life.

So it is no wonder that it is difficult to go it alone.


But, the good news is, that once you figure out how to change your habits, the body follows along.


This is what I love about the Precision Nutrition System, and what makes it so powerful and effective.


It is essentially a master class in habit change, focused specifically on the habits surrounding your nutrition.


But, don't be fooled, if you are looking for "quick fix" results and fad diets, then this isn't going to be for you. However, if you are want sustainable, long-term, honest and REAL results, then read on! 

What Next?

My health and fat loss programme,  promotes incredible—yet sustainable—changes in your eating and lifestyle using the Precision Nutrition ProCoach software.

This will be accompanied by personalised coaching and support from me - YOUR Precision Nutrition Level One Coach. 

Comprehensive & Affordable!

What's even more exciting, is this programme is so comprehensive that you WILL learn new healthy habits and be able to change your eating habits for good (as long as you stick with me)....


...and it is AFFORDABLE!!! 


But although affordable, it is EXCLUSIVE!


I only accept a limited number of women into the programme. This is so I can spend enough time with each individual either coaching online, speaking live on the telephone or skype or holding live Q & A Webinars for all of my clients in the dedicated Facebook Group. 


You can find out more about each of the programmes below:







But, if you are not quite ready to delve in to online coaching, and the wealth of knowledge, support and encouragement that you will recieve in doing so, then you can always check out my inspirational and healthy recipe options below. 

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