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Nutrition accounts for a massive percentage of your transformation results, approximately 75-80%, so it is crucial that your eating habits and food choices work for you. 


There are a million and one questions to be asked about Nutrition, Food, Diet, Nutrients, Macros/Micros and so on, so it is no wonder that it is so confusing. This is why I aim to educate my clients about Nutrition, rather than just provide a "one-size fits all" meal plan.


Nutrition, or rather I should say Food, is far more than just "fuel" for your body, and if you have been a "serial dieter" for a number of years, there may have been some negative effects on both your body composition and your metabolism. 


In order to successful change your body, you need to start by repairing the damage caused by years of calorie restriction, processed junk food and/or over/under eating.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Sometimes, the results that you are achieving, or lack of, may not be as a result of the food that you are eating right now, but the foods that you have eaten in the past. 


During this video I explain the principles of "Insulin Resistance" and how it can affect your fat loss results. 


Could this be why you are not seeing the results that you would expect? 


Why not Book a FREE Breakthrough Call and we can discuss in more detail why YOU may not be achieving the results that you want.


So How Can I Help YOU?

Nutrition is such a broad subject, and includes so many topics, and as I said above it can be very mind-boggling. 

In order to help my clients with their Transformations, I offer Nutrition Coaching online, so it can be accessed all over the world.


From the Basics, which is the four week Nak'd Reset programme ot specific and personalised coaching via Skype/Facetime.


You can start right now for free by signing up for my 10 Top Tips for Fat Loss, just leave your details below. 


For those who already know about Nutrition, but simply lack inspiration in the Kitchen, I also have a monthly subscription Recipe Club, "The Kitchen Club". Which delivers new and excitied recipes to your inbox every month. 


A More Specific Approach

If you wanted a more tailored and personalised approach you Nutirtion for your Transformation, I can coach you directly via Skype or Facetime on a weekly, bi-weekly or Monthly basis. 


My subscription programmes will work to Nourish not only your body with Good Nutrition, but your Brain with Good Information. 


My goal as your Nutrition coach, is to set ou free from a lifestyle of "dieting" and give you the confidence and power to start living the life that you want, whilst achieving the results that you desire. 


Calim your Free Breakthrough Call and we can start to assess your current situation and begin to tailor the programme to fit your lifestyle. 

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Online Nutrition Programmes to help you understand why "dieting" is not the right way to change your body

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