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Nutrition accounts for a massive percentage of your weight loss results, approximately 75-80%, so it is absolutely crucial that your eating habits and food choices work for you. 


There are a zillion questions centering around Nutrition, Food, Diet, Nutrients, Macros/Micros and so on, and it is no surprise that it is so confusing.
This is why I aim to educate my clients about Nutrition.


Nutrition, or rather I should say Food, is far more than just "fuel" for your body, and if you have been a "serial dieter" for a number of years, there may have been some negative effects on both your body composition and your metabolism that need to be addressed. 


In order to successful change your body, you need to start by repairing the damage caused by years of calorie restriction, processed junk food and/or over or under eating.

Personalised Meal Plans

Not everyone can train 1-2-1 with me, perhaps you live too far away or cannot commit to a longer term package. 

But whatever the reason maybe, it doesn't mean that I cannot help you at all. 


I have recently launched a brand new service offering personalised and specifically tailored 6-week meal plans, without the face to face training or coaching. 


These meal plans are created for YOU, as even though you may not be training 1-2-1 with me, you are still unique, and still require the same personalised solutions. 

My 6-week Meal Plans are the perfect way for you to make a positive start on improving your food choices and repairing any hormonal or metabolic issues caused from prolonged calorie restriction. 


Once you have submitted your dietary questionnaire (link below), I will carefully create menus and recipes that fit in with your tastes, likes & dislikes, goals and your budget. 


You should never feel bored either, I try to keep the 6 week plan varied, as well as delicious. So no more Chicken & Broccoli or

Lettuce salads. 

If you have opted for the plan that comes with accompanying recipes (which I would recommend), then these are yours to keep forever. 


Finally, as I create these meal plans based on the information that you have provided, I know who you are & what you want to achieve, so I can calculate your specific daily calorie needs, and can guarentee you results (as long as you follow the plan). 


So how does it work?


It is incredibly simple, actually! 

  1. Make your Payment, using the Paypal button below.
  2. Upon Payment, I will send you the link to Complete your Full Dietary Questionnaire to be submitted. 
  3. Upon reciept, I will make sure that I have all of the relevant information that I need to create your meal plan, and contact you if I should have any further questions. 
  4. I will create your 6 Week Personalised Meal Plan and email it to you within 72 hours. 
  5. That's it! So Simple! 

You can choose to recieve your 6 week meal plan WITH or WITHOUT full recipes.

Obviously, I would highly recommend that you opt to include all of the recipes, in order to maintian the calorie and macro/micronutrient balance. This is effectively the true personlisation of the meal plan. 
However, the choice is yours. 


The Dietary Questionnaire (click this link), will tell me everything that I need to know about you. From your strengths & weaknesses, your likes & dislikes, your intolerances &/or allergies, your goals, of course, and more. If there are any missing details, I may contact you to discuss this before starting work on your Meal Plan. 


The more information that you provide, the better, as it is this that will enable me to tailor your Meal Plan to fit you perfectly. I have even included a section to detail your shopping budget, so I can keep your plan in line with your current expenditure. 


It will usually take me approximately 72 hours to create your plan. Writing a 6 Week Meal plan is not a quick job, and I wont rush it and send it to you unless I am 100% satisfied that it WILL get you the results that you want. 


Order your Meal Plan using the Paypal Button Below: 

Select your choice

If you cannot see the Paypal button above, please click one of the below buttons to place your order. 

What Have Clients Said?

"I always got stuck knowing what I should or shouldn't be eating and in what quantities. I just want a diet that works for me! The 6 week plan that Lesley sent me caterred exactly to my preferences. There was not a single meal option that I did not like. After the 6 weeks, I had successfully lost just over 11lbs, and I felt amazing. I can't thank Lesley enough!"

- L Fencharch 


"I can't believe this isnt a diet! I feel so good and I do not feel restricted at all! I've lost half a stone in 4 weeks. I love it! Definitely a game changer in my weight loss! Thank you!"

- S Baton


"I've tried most diets, and when I saw these meal plans, I was at my wits end. I wanted something that worked, but worked for me, my time restrictions and my budget! Lesley got all three points perfectly matched. It has been a breeze to stay on plan, because the recipes are so easy and delicious. I've dropped a dress size in 5 weeks.... and I am elated. Thanks so much to Lesley and her awesome recipes & plan."

- G Deverast


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