I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding classes & personal training services here. If the question you want to ask is not answered, then please feel free to get in touch.

Q: Where does the training take place?

A: Most of my clients opt to train at their own home, they all have their own individual reasons for this. Many do not feel confident/comfortable in a Gym Environment, or maybe live to far away from a convenient health club.

Others have young children and find it easier not having to plan their training around childcare or their partners work schedule.

Similarly, many recognise that if they have to travel to a location to workout, then they are less likely to remain consistent with their plans, however, with a trainer coming to them at home, training programmes will remain regular and progressive. 

Q: Are you a Professional/Qualified Trainer?

A: Yes. I studied with the UK's leading Fitness Education company, Future Fit Training. I originally studied the Total Immersion Diploma, which covered REPs Level 2 Gym Instructor and REPs Level 3 Personal Training and Pilates. I also studied REPs Level 3 GP Referral and Exercise, REPs Level 4 Exercise for Lower Back Pain Management, REPs Nutrition for Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Pre & Post Natal Nutrition, and Reps Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise. 

In addition, I have studied numerous CPD (Continuining Professional Development) courses over the years to update and refresh my Health and Fitness Knowledge. 

In 2016, I joined the Precision Nutrition & Coaching Education Programme, which offers a the Industry's leading Nutrition & Coaching Course. This has further increased and developed my understanding of Nutrition and the Sciences that surround it, In 2018, I became a Precision Nutrition ProCoach, which has enabled me to coach nutrition and lifestyle online.   

You can check out a full list of my qualifications HERE

My Business & Liability Insurance is provided by FitPro

Q: How Much Will Training Cost?

A: I cannot answer this question without knowing all of the information and details about you and your specific goals and requirements. Every client is different, and needs a different package.

Some clients need to focus more on nutrition and lifestyle, and less on exercise. Whilst others need more help with activity and staying motivated & focussed. 

None of my clients have ever been the same as another, and no one client needs the same level of training. 

I have various packages available that offer varying lengths of training, or number of sessions per week. 

This is why I offer the free consultation, so I can advise you on what is going to give you the best chance of achieving your goals. 

Q: How do the Monthly Packages work?

A: All of my packages are available as Monthly subscriptions. These are available in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month bundles. During your consultation, we will discuss which of these packages is going to give you the best possible opportunity to make sustainable and life long changes to your body & lifestyle. 

Once you have chosen your package, I will send you an introductory email with all of the relevant information and payment instructions. 

Monthly Packages need to be paid by standing order on or by the 28th of each calendar month

The monthly packages are calculated over a 48 week year, allowing for 4 weeks of annual leave. This means that is you have a 12 month package, of 1 session per week, you will receive 48 sessions per year, NOT 52. 

Q: How often do I have to, or can I train with you?

A: That is entirely up to you, and depends on the amount of time you have available & how committed you are.

Usually, I train with my clients once or twice per week.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to aim to workout, or at least be "active" three times per week. But, these do not all have to be as personal training sessions. As part of my packages, I offer a "home workout" plan, which will give you video instructions on how to do each of the exercises. Plus the plan will details how many repetitions and sets you need to complete. 

Q: Is there any Support away from my Training Sessions?

A: Yes! I am on hand to guide, advise and help you throughout your programme. Many clients contact me on WhatsApp or via Text or Email to ask questions when they arise, or ask for support. 

I also have a "private" Facebook Group for all of my clients, where I am consistently asking if people need help, or encouraging clients.

The group also runs monthly challenges, offers healthy recipes, video Q&A's, and of course all of my clients offer motivation, support and guidance to each other. 

It's a community for all! 

Q: Can you help me with my diet as well as exercise?

A: Absolutely! Most results are strongly influenced by your nutritional choices, so I have invested in my own education and knowledge in this area to help you. 

Clients are able to submit food diaries online to me on a daily through my tracking App. This allows me to assess what you are eating and any alterations that may help you in achieving better results. The more you do this, the greater the help can be.

I also have hundreds of recipes available for you. 

You will also recieve a 6 Week personalised Meal Plan when you first start your training, however, I prefer not to do this longer term, as I want you to adapt your current lifestyle in small steps rather than overhaul. This is because too many changes at once can lead to more problems in consistency and binge eating at some point. 

The key is to moderate, rather than restrict. 

Q: My house is not very big, do I needs lots of space?

A: No. I can adapt your workout to fit within your space. Many of my clients train in smaller areas, and find that the workout is just as challenging as when they train in a gym or outdoor space. 

As long as you have a small area that you can move in, that will be sufficient. 

Q: I don't have any fitness equipment, do I need to buy anything?

A: You are welcome to purchase any fitness equipment that you want. However, this is not necessary! If you do want to purchase something, I suggest that you read my blog "Best Piece of Fitness Kit to Have at Home"

I have a plethora of equipment that I will bring to you for each of your sessions, this includes, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, powerbags, bulgarian powerbags, resistance bands, ViPRs, Bosu's, Stability Balls and much more. Variety is key to progression. 

Some clients do decide to purchase a kettlebell after a few sessions, so that they can do additional workouts, but this is entirely their own choice. I provide everything for your sessions. 

In addition, if there is a piece of equipment that I feel will be beneifical to your training, then I will source this for the sessions. 

If you do have any equipment at home, then we are able to incorporate this into your training sessions as well. 

Q: How long will it take to achieve my goals?

A: How long is a piece of string?

This question is virtually impossible to answer without knowing you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Some people are able to stick to their plans incredibly well, and achieve their goals in 8, 10 or 12 weeks.

However, in reality, everybody has "off days" and it is only natural to make mistakes. That's life!

If you are able to workout regularly and be consistent with your nutrition 90% of the time, it is possible to see results of 1-3lbs loss per week. 

BUT... everyone is different, and there are varying factors to take into consideration, i.e. your hormone balance, hydration, sleep patterns and stress levels, portion sizes and how long you have been trying to "diet" or "lose weight" for.

Your body may need an adjustment period in order to regain a healthy balance and metabolism.

So, unfortunately, there is no honest answer to this question.

What do people say?


"I have been working with Lesley online for about 6 months, and in that time I have achieved so much. Not only have I lost weight, but I have changed my mindset... I am happier, more positive and my energy is through the roof. I love my coaching sessions, I look forward to them. If you are considering it, just go for it! You've got nothing to lose! Thanks Lesley." Tamina, Online Client  


"Lesley's PT sessions are really challenging as well as being great fun. She works you at a level that feels right for you and pushes you to achieve your personal potential" - Rebecca, PT Client


"Just want to say thanks to Lesley she help me tone up for my wedding this month I felt so happy in my dress, Lesley is a great trainer and understands where you want to be:)

Thanks so much!"
- Mrs Sage, PT Client


"I have made what some call an incredible recovery from a stroke. Largely, I believe ,from attending Lesley's classes Thanks Lesley xx" - Jayne Sherreard 


"I have been attending Lesley's classes for about 6 years, prior to that, I had never managed to stick to any kind of workout routine, class or gym! Lesley makes the classes fun, welcoming, yet still challenging. Since joining the classes, I have tried many different types of classes from Bootcamp to Bokwa, Circuits to Konga... I loved them all. But Circuits is my favourite! I would 110% recommend Lesleys classes to anyone! Come along and see for yourself" - H Redcliffe 

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