How to Eat Healthy Without Depriving Yourself

One of the most common problems with the “diets” that I assess from clients, is deprivation. That, and under or over eating. But, for this blog, I want to talk about depravity and how it can, and probably will, if not already has, throw your whole “diet” into a downward spiral of hard work & misery.

The Dieting Lifestyle

We have all been there, right? I’ll start on Monday! Diets always start on Monday…. Why is that?

What is so great about Mondays?

Lactose Intolerant... Or Are You?

Do you think you are Lactose Intolerant? If you haven't had a medical diagnosis, then you should definitely read this blog. 

Do Restrictive Diets Actually Work?

How luring is it when you see an advert claiming that you can lose 30lbs in just TWO weeks, and keep it off?

Is It Possible To Change Your Habits?

Most people fail at their weight loss & health goals not because they lack motivation or the determination to achieve their goals, but because they do not truly know what they want to achieve. 

Train Your Brain To Crave Healthier Foods 

You may have heard me bleating on about mindset and understanding how you think recently on my Social Media posts, and this is because using your brain as the biggest and most powerful tool for weight loss could be the difference in achieving your goals or not.

Summer Bodies Really are Made in Winter

So you want to look good on the beach this Summer?

Don’t we all! But if you REALLY want to achieve that beach body confidence then I have a few simple tips for you that you can start to implement into your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle RIGHT NOW!

Do You Have Decision Fatigue?

Yep, it really is a really real thing! Decision Fatigue!

It may sound far fetched, but this was covered in one of my Psychology courses a while back, and it fascinated me.

Is Your Sleep Affecting your Weight Loss?

Sleep, we all love a good sleep don’t we! But what if you are only getting a couple of hours a night, or your sleep is constantly broken and disturbed? How can this affect your weight loss results… and your health?

How to get rid of Bloating in 5 Easy Steps!

Bloating seriously SUCKS!!!!

And for many it can be a daily nuisance and in some instances really quite painful & uncomfortable. I can sympathise, I use to and still do occasionally look about 3 months pregnant if I so much as look at the wrong foods.

What Happens when you Stop Drinking Alcohol for 2 weeks?

Maybe your one glass of plonk a night has slowly become two or three glasses. Or perhaps you are overdoing it on the beer and have the belly to show it.

If you want to clean up your diet or are trying to just cut back, giving up alcohol can be a toughie—but the benefits really are worth it.

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

They’re the same thing…. right??? WRONG! There is a huge difference between losing weight and losing fat! And this is where so many people get off on the wrong foot when trying to change their body shape.

10 Eating Habits that are making you Look Older!

We would all love to hear news that eating more of a certain type of food would result in the years just dropping away over night, but sadly this just isn’t the case… and even if it was, do you really think that the multi-billion pound cosmetics industry would allow this information to leak out?

The highest & lowest sugar yielding fruits!

Although the sugar may be a naturally forming one, it is still SUGAR and you should still know roughly how much you are consuming… shouldn’t you?

So here are the top 5 highest & lowest sugar containing fruits!

Cheesecake Anyone?

Ok, so cake is not deemed as something that really falls within the “healthy eating” category… well, not normally.

Crush you Chocolate Cravings

If you are like me, those pesky chocolate bars at the counter all seem to squeal your name as you approach the shops till. Yes, we all have cravings, and we all like stuff that isn’t necessarily good for us. But how can we beat those cravings and avoid binge buying chocolates for no apparent reason?

Eat Healthy on a Budget

I have lost count how many times people have said to me “But eating healthily is so expensive, I can’t afford it!”

Are Your Hormones Out of Whack?

Weight loss isn’t always just about food & exercise, this is just what we are told and therefore believe!
There are so many more parts of your lifestyle to consider. From how much sleep you get to your hormone balance… Or imbalance for many people.

Can Sugar REALLY make you feel that bad????

We’ve all heard the term “Sugar rush”, but are we as familiar with the subsequent “Crash” that follows? It appears not, as I talk to my clients, both Personal Training and Nutritional clients on a regular basis about the effects of sugar, even the hidden stuff!

How to Avoid a Hangover!

So it is that time of year, when alcohol pours freely and the majority of us that drink; will inevitably at some point peek out from under the duvet the morning after the night before, and grumble some alien-like goble-de-gook sound… You all know the one……

Weight Vs Cardio – The Showdown!

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked as a personal trainer is, “What is better for me… Weight or Cardio?” Truth is, it really depends on your goal and what you personally want to achieve.

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