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Hey There! 

Welcome to my website! 

Firstly, thank you for dropping by and checking out how I may be able to help you with your health and fitness goals. 


Since 2008 I have been working within the Fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Helping women to achieve the health, fitness, diet and body that they want. 


Whether it is for aesthetic reasons or health improvements, my coaching and training services can help you to look and feel your best. 


Have a schmooze around the website and if you want to have a chat with me about your personal goals, then hit the button below and send me a quick email. 


Much love, 


Lesley :) 

Sweet Healthy Treats

Show your body how much you love her with some delicious, healthy treats.

Why not visit the Recipe page and see other delicious options

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Personal Training

It's not about the weight you lose, but the life that you gain!

Find out more about PT services today.

The Goddess Lifestyle

The online Nutrition & Mindset programme to help you transform your relationship with food & your body!


The NEW 8-Week Online Transformation & Coaching Programme form LM Fitness.

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Your body will LOVE you for nourishing her with healthy foods. Check out some of my delicious recipes! 


Stretch, Breathe, Feel & Believe yourself into shape.

Group Classes and Individual Coaching available

LM Fitness Blog

Check out the LM Fitness Blog and all of the past articles published. 

From Weight Loss tips to Workout Suggestions.



"Lesley totally provides an inspirational package to change and maintain your lifestyle" - Sara Grice.


"We've been seeing Lesley for a while now! She motivates us & completely changed the way we see food. If anything, we eat more now but the right foods. She got us our bikini bodies ready for our holidays & we are about to start again! Can't wait!" - Toni & Jo


"Just want to say thanks to Lesley, she helped me tone up for my wedding this month. I felt so happy in my dress, Lesley is a great trainer and understands where you want to be:)
Thanks so much!
" - Mrs Sage 


"Lesley is way more than a personal trainer, she has helped me overcome so many obstacles,both mentally and physically. She is more like a lycra wearing fairy godmother. Cannot send enough thanks to her for all she has helped me with. Highly recommend!" - L Gretan 

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