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Fitness Coaching

It's about more than just "exercise"!

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Online Nutrition Coaching

As a Precision Nutrition Coach, I offer Online Nutrition Coaching via the amazing ProCoach Software.

Pilates & Yoga Classes

Stretch, Breathe, Feel & Believe yourself into shape 

The Goddess Academy

A range of online Programmes to help reveal your Inner Goddess!

Workshops & Webinars

Join me in my series of both Online Webinars and In Person Workshops

The LM Fitness Blog

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"Lesley totally provides an inspirational package to change and maintain your lifestyle" - Sara Grice.


"We've been seeing Lesley for a while now! She motivates us & completely changed the way we see food. If anything, we eat more now but the right foods. She got us our bikini bodies ready for our holidays & we are about to start again! Can't wait!" - Toni & Jo


"Just want to say thanks to Lesley, she helped me tone up for my wedding this month. I felt so happy in my dress, Lesley is a great trainer and understands where you want to be:)
Thanks so much!
" - Mrs Sage 


"Lesley is way more than a personal trainer, she has helped me overcome so many obstacles,both mentally and physically. She is more like a lycra wearing fairy godmother. Cannot send enough thanks to her for all she has helped me with. Highly recommend!" - L Gretan 

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